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Prototyping and Testing

Working Prototypes, Rapid Turnaround

Safco understands your need for speed when it comes to the delivery of a working prototype. Our engineers leverage thousands of proven designs and components to place a working, low-voltage (3-60 VDC) prototype in your hands in the shortest amount of time. And because we closely manage the process from start to finish, we’re able to accommodate technical specification changes or minor modifications without significant delays or translation issues.

Safco's Prototyping Advantage:

  • Fast prototype delivery
  • Expert leveraging of existing tooling, equipment & components
  • US-based facilities and international partnerships provide a full range of technical resources
  • Agile response to specification changes with minimal delays
  • Over 22,000 tested components available for custom designs

Safco's experience and resource depth accelerate the development of high-quality, power-assembly prototypes for your electronic device.

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