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Project Portfolio

Safco has a rich history of providing successful solutions to electronic power challenges. Here are a few examples of the value and results we provide to our customers:

Manufacturer Type


Safco Capability

Wireless Data Communications

Product Outsourcing

Manufacturing, Logistics

Hand-held Surveying Computers

Managed the Agency Approval Process

Engineering, Global Qualification

Military Resources

Complex Engineering Design

Engineering, Qualification

Police, Fire, and Safety Lighting Simplified Inventory Management and helped Balance In-House and Outsourced Production Inventory Management
Heated Clothing Company Helped heated clothing manufacturer troubleshoot field failures with their heat controller Troubleshooting
Specialty Emergency/Warning Lighting Company Diagnosed power assembly problems and developed prototypes Prototyping and Testing
Test and Measurement Device Company Reduced supply chain costs while increasing service levels International Production


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Engineering and Design, Prototyping, Manufacturing, International Production, Qualifications, Troubleshooting, Inventory Management.